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Sorry that I'm such a lurker. I just wanted to post this up here too to maybe get to know some people...? Yes, no, maybe so? :)


Hairy Mary! - [Part 2]

Sorry if your name is Mary! :D
Hello everybody, today I bring you the second part of my hair recolours, this is probably gonna make my headache and the rainy weather go away, right? :)

Larger Bodyshop pictures are included in the zips.

The mesh is included, but I couldn't find the original file anywhere, so I had to download one from an Exchange sim. *FAIL* And it's of course named 1e8d6fa3blergtweettweet, so if you have this mesh, don't bother putting the one in the zip into your downloads folder.

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Hairs Ahoy! - [Part 1]

Hey guys! Today I bring you a bunch of hair recolours that I've been working on for a while in Pooklet's awesome textures. In total I've made 10 recolours (and some alpha edits!) here are the first five!

Larger Bodyshop pictures are included in the zips.

This recolour doesn't have the dishwater one because I made it a while ago before discovering my love for that pale blonde colour... Sorry guys.

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Compressorizer Question..

This goes out to all those fab Livejournal CC creators who compress their files... The manual states that the program is intended for XP only, and I have Win7.
So my questions are: which operating systems do you guys use and has the compressorizer given you any weird CC/crashing issues?

Cause I've used it recently [15Gb to 9 woohoo!] but I think it's corrupted some of my downloads making them crash my game, first clothes and now hairs. Thanks to anyone who replies in advance.
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Models released as promised.

Hi! :]

So after the small teaser, four of the six girls have been signed up for some competitions, and I'm hoping that they'll go all the way!
Model Update

Click on the girls' images for a larger view, and a huge thank you to all of the custom content creators for their downloads. Enjoy!

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Amelia:  [MediaFire]  -  -  [Box]
Celia:  [MediaFire]  -  -  [Box]
Charlotte:  [MediaFire]  -  -  [Box]
Ellen:  [MediaFire]  -  -  [Box]
Melissa:  [MediaFire]  -  -  [Box]
Renée:  [MediaFire]  -  -  [Box]
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I'm back with goodies!

I've made some new hair retextures with Pooklet's awesome textures. Hope everybody likes them. ;]
They are binned, family linked and the meshes are included.


Warning: Preview pictures are BIG!

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Newbie posting freebies!

Hello! I'm Olga from Fashion Republic and I'd like to announce that from now on I'll be uploading my new downloads to this LJ because it's much less hassle than running my own website.

So this is my first entry, here are 6 beautiful models for show creators. I will not be releasing them up for download just yet, they'll be out on the 1st of February.
If you want to have them in your show then please email me at

Hope you like them! :]

Click on the images below to check out their photos and bio.

Amelia Zoom   Celia Zoom
   Charlotte Zoom
Ellen Zoom   Melissa Zoom   Renée Zoom

To book any of these models, please email me at . They will be up for download here on the 1st of February. :]

Happy Simming!
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